Köllen Bookshelf is a modular and interactive design.

Köllen Bookshelf

Modular, interactive, functional and decorative shelf. With Köllen Bookshelf every day you can have a different shelf!


Exclusive furniture for special spaces.

Sophisticated design to give style to any space.

Köllen Bookshelf models

Köllen One is the Silver winner of A’Design Award, the World’s largest,
most prestigious and influential design accolade.

Köllen One

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Köllen White

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Köllen Natural

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Product features

High Quality Nordic Furniture. Carefully curated finished
and sophisticated touches.


Natural Finn birch plywood.


100 x 35 x 15 cm / unit


Weight: 13 kg | Maximum load: 30 kg.

Köllen Bookshelf
Nordic Bookshelf created from the repetition of adaptable pieces in matter of size and shape of the objects on it. Its autonomous structure allows an independent working of each of the strips, so that they can be placed in different positions according to the user’s need

The bookshelf is inspired on the Nordic style, either in matter of its name, Köllen, which is Swede for Alps or the materials and shapes used. The former is essentially natural and uses light tones with shades of white. The shapes represent the mountains, in a nod to the piece’s originary region.

The product is formed by pieces with an independent working, which allow them to have two possible positionings according to the objects placed. The horizontal disposition allows the disposal of objects, acting simultaneously as shelves or as a hangers. On the other hand, the vertical disposition allows the disposal of larger objects on the lower shelves or acts as a decorative component.

Modular and interactive design

Modular shelf which allows the user to interact with it.
This differentiates it from other conventional furniture.

Köllen Bookshelf White. Nodic and minimalistic interior design style.