Köllen Natural Bookshelf

Köllen Natural bookshelf

1 unit – Köllen Natural Bookshelf (1m).

  • Material and finishes: Natural Finn Birch Plywood Of 18 cm in thickness with matt protective varnish.
  • Matt protective varnish.
  • Stainless steel ironwork.
  • General measures: 100 x 35 x 15 cm.
  • Weight: 13 kg.
  • Maximum load recommended: 30 kg.

    Sophisticated shelf created from the repetition of adaptable pieces in matter of size and shape of the objects on it. Its autonomous structure allows an independent working of each of the strips, so that they can be placed in different positions according to the user’s need.

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Köllen Natural bookshelf

Köllen Natural bookshelf has both functionality and aesthetics firmly in mind, as it transforms the way that the user interacts with the item of furniture.

The adaptable pieces of natural Finn Birch Plywood have two possible positions, each allowing for a different use; in the horizontal position it lends itself to acting as a conventional shelving unit where objects can be stored and presented, or in the vertical positioned they can allow taller objects to be placed on the lower shelves, or simply open up the space within the room.

Köllen Natural bookshelf striking item of furniture elevates the room as it becomes a dramatic addition to the space, while also adding a unique element of product and user interaction.

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