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Köllen Tryk is the Silver winner of A’Design Award, the World’s largest,
most prestigious and influential design accolade.

Köllen Tryk 

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Köllen Tryk 

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Product features

High Quality Nordic Furniture. Carefully curated finished
and sophisticated touches.


Structure: wood lacquer in white.
Cylindrical buttons: beech solid wood covered with wood plate.


40 x 10 x 15cm



Köllen Tryk
Interactive wall hanger that allows the creation of different compositions depending on the user’s needs. The wooden-made product has a rectangular shape that contains a serial of flush circular buttons, the hangers, that the user distributes in order to his/her needs.

Piece of furniture inspired on the Nordic style, made from natural materials in light tones with shades of white. The product has a rectangular global shape which contrasts with the circular shape of the hangers it contains. The product also incorporates light, which thanks to its warmth references the Nordic style.

The product can take different compositions with a simple movement that consists of pressing each of the circular pieces so that they either protrude or remain at the same level as the overall structure of the product. When you press one of the buttons, it protrudes from the plane and you can use it as a hanger.


First edition: 
Oriol Campillo, Núria Jané, Adrián Soldado and Paula Terra

Second edition: 
Paula Terra